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Before attending the 2015 class, my sales were averaging $1500 but I wasn’t making any profit. I was tired of financially drowning while trying to make a living doing something I loved. To attend this class, I actually borrowed the full registration fee from my parents hoping it would change my life and it absolutely did. Within one year, I was making sales between $3000 to $17,000, with one client purchasing $30,000 of artwork over 3 sessions. I absolutely attribute the success of the past year with the information I learned during this class. I live in a very rural area and am a full-time mother of two children so I hope this story inspires you to invest in this dynamite class! 
~ Deanna Wallace, 2015
I want to preface by saying that I've not been asked to write this. It's not even been hinted to me to say this. They have no clue I'm doing this. This is from the heart. 

If it's childcare, beg some favors from family and friends. It will pay off later. If it's money, sacrifice elsewhere. Hold off on the new lens a few months. This is more important. 

Stretch, reach, sacrifice to make it happen. Folks such as Stan, Sterling, Rick and Brad have decades worth of knowledge and experience. They are where you aspire to be. They spent more than the cost of the seminar a thousand fold gathering this knowledge, so the cost to go is small. 

But here's the deal. As great as the hosts were (and they were awesome), the big takeaway from the seminar was the sharing. There were several studios represented, and every single one shared emotional and poignant stories. It changed my outlook after 10 years in business. Stop selling features like the coolest album and the "sharpest" metal print. It's not about that. It's about finding what motivates people emotionally and tapping into that emotion. Don't prey on it. Embrace and empathize. 

I hope you can make their seminar, but if you can't, find one soon. Find one being done by someone who is where you want to be. Find one being attended by people passionate about wall portraits and the emotion behind them!! 
~ Joe Hulsey, 2016
Is this seminar worth it? Of course it is!!!! Double or more your sales average for starters. I've learned more about the photography business from this seminar than any others. Not to say anything negative about the other amazing opportunities I've taken part in, but it doesn't go deep enough into the business side. Or a lot of it is the same tricks repeated. And the follow up coaching after is non-existent in the other opportunities. Really, your seminar is the only one with the right people in one roof with an emphasis on marketing and selling wall portraits as an in depth focus. There is nothing like it out there! If a person doesn't get their return the first order, they aren't doing it right. 
~ Jamison A. Johnson, 2015
I attended the 2016 seminar in San Diego this past January. I've come into the business of portrait photography later in life. I have a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology and worked in the schools for over two decades. A year and a half ago, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of  photography. Since I had no previous sales or marketing experience, I knew this was the area of my greatest need. At the MOTWP seminar, I was able to spend several hours each day just talking with some of the best portrait photographers in the nation.  Each instructor is so open and willing to share what has and hasn't worked in their studio. I've found the relationships that began at the seminar to be one of the richest blessings of attending. Not only did I gain sales and marketing knowledge, but I gained the friendship of those in attendance and the instructors. 
~ Carolyn Huff, 2016
I had a little last-minute trepidation about investing the money- which I could have easily used for other things - but it was well worth every penny! I really appreciated all the advice, first-hand experiences, and suggestions in the program parts. But equally important to me was the personal attention and generous advice given one-on-one by each of the instructors. They were all willing to share their own techniques and get down to the nitty-gritty details that make the difference  between knowing what to do and how to do it- relative to the business of portrait photography. Left to my own devices, I wouldn't have had the courage to take some of the steps I've taken in my business in the 18 months since the seminar. 
~ Natalie White, 2015
Please excuse the length of this but I want it to be as thorough as is required for its purpose. As some may have seen, I was introduced to this collection of people a couple years ago. My buddy, Don Ling, told me about this seminar and introduced me to the group. Seeing as though the seminar represented a healthy investment, I wanted to know more about the principals as I'd not heard about any of them. But even if I had I still would've wanted to know more. So I questioned them on their forum. My intentions were never to question or doubt anybody's credentials or integrity, I just needed to satisfy my ignorance. Once reasonably satisfied, I decided to participate in the seminar as the topics were of great interest to me. 

My philosophy on seminars as always been if I can get at least one thing that benefits my business then it was worth it. Well, I'm quite happy to report that I got more than just 1 thing. Credentials of presenters to seminars that I've attended over the years have always been very good. However, what you never know is whether the experts can actually teach and impart? Years ago I attended a convention with a very accomplished wedding photographer whose work I admired greatly. He was the keynote speaker and he was HORRIBLE. He just didn't possess the VERY basic skills of public speaking let alone teaching. His work was and is off the charts amazing but that's irrelevant in a seminar setting if you can't effectively communicate. Expert instructing is NOT required. But being able to effectively communicate is. Again, I'm happy to report that all 4 of our presenters were fully able to easily communicate and impart information. 

In my opinion, this seminar is not for everybody. This was a portrait business seminar. Not a portrait photography seminar. If you want that, look elsewhere. But if you want real world portrait business experience being deposited into you, I highly recommend this seminar. 
~ Michael Greer, 2015
I love that this workshop focuses on specific ways to build value about our artwork through every encounter that we have with other people. The specifics that were shared about networking, the language that we use about our artwork, community involvement, interpersonal communication skills, and different relational sales techniques have been valuable throughout every aspect of my business and helping me to move my average sale up from $1700 to over $3000. It has helped me transform my own thinking, and therefore how my clientele view me, from "photographer" to truly a portrait artist. I also loved how accessible each of the instructors were during the entire workshop -- eating breakfast, lunch, and multiple dinners with them was invaluable, along with the small group mentoring sessions where I was able to ask specific questions and get targeted advice on concrete issues that I was dealing with in my business. I can't emphasize enough how much getting to know these instructors and the other dedicated portrait artists that attended this workshop has led to meaningful and helpful relationships and a community of encouragement and a source of genuine help in the daily running of my business. 
~ Kim Welsh Johnson, 2016
In summer/fall of 2014 (class of 2015), Lorna and I photographed/shot/tookpics of 185 senior/grads (our average is 130/season) with an average sale of $1300.We were trashed at the end of the season.We bumped our pricing after the MOTWP Inaugural/baptism of fire in 2015. This season, for the class of 2017, we have about 90 senior/grads sessions scheduled. So far, our average sale has been $1750. We have a rare three session day, but for the most part have stuck to no more than two session per day, while most of the time we are only one per day now.So looking at the numbers: Based on the avg # of sessions, disregarding the 2014 anomaly, we are very close to our same $$$$ while doing 35 fewer sessions (130*$1300 = $169k/96 [# of sessions] = $1760/session) and enjoying our sessions more, and having more time to ourselves. We have taken more days off to visit with friends and taking advantage of their lakefront hospitality.While I may never get to the pricing level of the mentors, I am appreciative of the guidance/prodding/kick in the buttocks you have all given me.
Thanks . 
~ Don Ling, 2015
I attended MOTWP last year and cannot stress how important this opportunity is for photographers at any stage of their career. Save, borrow, steal or ask Santa for registration money and I promise you will grow so much as a photographer that you will make your money back. And not on one 
 sale, but every sale for the rest of your career. I know that personally with a few changes to my pricing I added $1,700 to my first Post-MOTWP ordering session. Just for grins lets half that-$850 additional for each session from now on. Say you do 100 sessions a year X an additional $850 per session=$85,000 extra pure profit. Imagine raising that number to $1,500? Yes you will lose a few clients, but they could be what is holding you back. So if you are not going and using the cost involved as an excuse, you are not doing the math,correctly. Not going will cost you way more in the long run. If anyone wants to ask me questions about MOTWP feel free to contact me.
~ Michael Martinez, 2016
I walked in to my bosses office yesterday, and quit my part time job. I had been on the fence for months, knowing that my photography business was growing, wanting to give it the nurturing and love it needed, and totally terrified to leave the safety net. I went to the Masters of the Wall Portrait seminar in Tampa last weekend seeking clarity on how to move forward. What I gained was so much more than I could have imagined. We talk often about the price versus the value, and let me tell you, the value I received was so far and beyond the dollars I spent that to even mention the financial transaction seems to betray the depth of the gift I feel was given to me. I didn't just gain confidence in my business, but in my self. My husband said he could hear it in my voice, an excitement that he said he hasn't heard in years. I feel it too. I am standing 3 inches taller and my head is held high. I didn't know my own strength, and I thank you for the gift you have given not just me, but my family. 
~ Teresa Porter, 2017
Very grateful to have had the chance to learn from all four of these fine men. I've always enjoyed this group — both the people that are here, and the information that is shared here.Taking MOTWP from FB to real life was worth the price of admission and them some. To say these guys give 100% is an understatement. They really do care about helping each of us be successful.As helpful as they are all here on FB with fielding so many question, nothing could have prepared me for how generous, and patient, they'd be in real life.If you have a chance to learn in person with these gentlemen, do it. You'll be glad you did. 
~ Ingrid Skousgard, 2017
My plane just landed in Memphis a few minutes ago, but I still feel like I'm floating in the clouds after the events of the last few days. Seriously cannot thank Sterling Hoffman, Stan Lawrence, Brad Cansler and Richard Donovan enough for taking their time to teach us your ways. I consider it a true honor to be able to say I studied under any of you. Thank you for everything. 
~ Candy Bradsfield, 2017
The investment for this conference was well worth it. So much talent and experience and idea sharing! Most of all the friendships made along the way. I consider those priceless! I wish everyone much success and can't wait to skyrocket those sales!
~ Lisa Carr, 2017
I just can't thank you enough for this experience. I can't thank you enough for the time, effort, and energy you gave us. For the education, experience, knowledge, tips and tricks… With all my heart, thank you!
~ Jennifer Gomez, 2017
Love learning from all 4 of you. Can't wait to implement what I've learned. To type up my notes / rewrite them in the binder and go over it again. I usually give my hubby cliff notes of things that stuck out to me each day when I call him in the evening. Thanks so much to all of you!
~ Nancy Wold, 2017
I came across Brad and Stan when my career was at a bit of a standstill. I wasn’t making very many sales and felt a bit lost and stuck. After taking a workshop with Brad and Stan, I was given the tools to to raise the bar in my craft AND in my sales. Brad and Stan both have a wonderful way of dealing with people and passed along the kind of information I needed in order to take proper care of my clients. They were also incredibly generous with their marketing knowledge and tips for setting boundaries, which is something I know most photographers struggle with when it comes to working with the public. Naturally, with all of this knowledge, my sales soared and I am finally back on track. For anyone to come across a workshop given by Brad or Stan and pass it up, would be doing themselves a great disservice. I learned so much from these two and will take this knowledge with me for the rest of my career. Thank you Brad and Stan!
~ Jodi Jacobs, 2017

previously our workshop was called masters of the wall portrait

We changed the name to Intentional Business Mind.
That is why in previous testimonials you will see MOTWP referenced.
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