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“I am so excited!!!! I finished a sales appointment earlier this morning. Guess what?? I sold the art piece that I wanted! After the workshop in Chattanooga, I raised my prices. What would have been a $1,900.00 sale was actually a $5,000.00 sale!! THANK YOU!!!! I'm pumped!!.” 
~Jamey Reed

A workshop for entrepreneurs interested in growing as business owners.

WHAT MAKES Portrait Sales On Fire!

When it comes to talking about their businesses, most people assume everyone should value their products or services the same way they do. The Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop will help you develop strategies to consistently communicate and connect with your customers emotionally throughout the sales process so they will see the value of investing in what you offer.
We know how hard it is to communicate clearly and consistently; the instructors in this workshop have helped many different size businesses clarify their sales process. And when you clarify your sales strategies, your sales become more consistent and you are prepared for questions and problems before they arise.

The Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop is led by a team of experienced successful studio owners. The range of experience is unique in that it incorporates everything from newborn baby plans, pet portraits, oil painting sales, traditional photographic portrait sales. and high end album sales. All of the instructors have individually taught workshops around the country and bring to this training both success in their own businesses, as well as a hands-on approach to learning, believing that learning is not a spectator sport. This is the first workshop of its kind, a structured and coordinated sales instruction designed to deliver maximum value to everyone involved.

As creative types, we all approach training by combining principles with play, beauty and structure, theory and open experimentation. So expect a fun, informative experience that is interactive and hands-on: pens, paper, workgroups, sharing etc. All taught with a solid underpinning of best practice.

In the 2 day workshop, you will:

     1. Learn how to present your prices with confidence and with clarity.
     2. See how everything you say and do fits together to create your sales  success and
     3. How to apply this to your business in breakout sessions with immediate feedback. 
     4. How your sales success is triggered by your beliefs, attitude and your confidence. 

This will help you develop action steps to take home to create your own compelling sales strategies. 

The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused and believe they’re just buying photographs, they’ll look past you for somebody who can deliver the commodity for less. Once you clarify your sales strategies you will communicate with clients with confidence and they will be more willing to invest. No matter what your current sales averages are you can easily add 15, 20, 30% to your bottom line.

Register for the Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop today and spend 2 days with instructors focused on your success (not trying to get you signed up for something "extra"). Why? Because nobody will know how valuable your product or service is until you tell them in the right way. You’ll learn this …and so much more!

Is this workshop for me?

Only if you want to improve your sales and realize that no matter how long or how good you think you are there is always room for improvement!

The truth is the limitations we have in regard to sales are self imposed. They are not dictated by where we live, by the economy, by what other photographers charge, or any other long list of excuses.

If you are ready to move beyond where you current sales are willing to learn from others who have are working studios, then this workshop is for you!

What's My investment?

How much is your current sales process costing you? How many potential customers only hear your price not the long term value? How many of your prospective customers don't call because they have heard you are too expensive? How many people are passing up your service? Do your potential customers understand why they need you over your cheaper competition? If your sales are not what you want join us for concrete steps on how to reach your goals.

BONUS: Surrounding your self with others who are similarly focused is invaluable!

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To reserve your seat and lock in the desired rate a $500 deposit will suffice. 
A monthly payment plan of $500 is also available.

Limited space: In order to provide a more intimate environment and personalized experience, attendance is limited to 15. 

Register quickly to make sure you don’t lose your spot!

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Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your registration at any time by emailing info@canslerphotography.com​ or calling 423-756-2681. Cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the start of the event will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations received 7 to 30 days prior to the start of the event will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be provided for cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the event. No refunds will be issued after the event. Registrations may not be shared, but may be transferred at no cost at any point prior to the start of the event with notification to the Intentional Business Mind by phone or email.


The Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop will be held in scenic Chattanooga, TN
June 8 & 9, 2020
The schedule for each day will be flexible to allow us to delve more deeply on certain topics as needed.

9:00AM — Day Two:

How to Communicate Value Effectively

The morning will be spent talking about building networks and community, making displays work for you, and establishing your brand as a must own.

Lunch – About Noon

Grab lunch, find a fellow participant to sit with, and be inspired by the work they are doing as well as their passion for their business. Turns out you’re not alone in trying to grow, learn and change. These are relationships you will likely keep for years to come.

After Lunch – Day Two:

Knowing Your Customer

Getting to know your customer begins with a phone call. We’ll go from the initial phone call through the session.

Evening Lighting Demonstration

Before you go out to dinner, if you plan on attending the optional lighting demonstration, you will learn about seeing light and augmenting natural light to achieve beautiful lighting in your portraits. A location will be chosen nearby but you will need to be on time so you don’t get left as we all carpool to the perfect spot.

After Lighting Demonstration – Done for the Day

Make plans with fellow participants for a night on the town and continue building your new community of like-minded professionals.
The schedule for each day will be flexible to allow us to delve more deeply on certain topics as needed.

9:00AM – Day Three:

Presentation is Everything

During the morning and afternoon sessions you’ll learn about doing projection sales effectively and components of the sales process – how to use them to help your customers feel good about their purchase.

Lunch – About Noon

Grab lunch and take a few minutes to let the beauty of our location sink in. Be inspired by nature and use the time to digest what we’ve been discussing.

After Lunch – Day Three:

Presentation is Everything Part 2

As we continue our discussion and have breakout groups from the morning, we’ll add the psychology of pricing to our topics.

Evening Lighting Demonstration Round Two

Once again before you head out to eat, this will be your second opportunity to “see
the light”.  This will either be studio lighting or on location depending on weather and demand.

After Lighting Demonstration

Grab a few or get everyone together for your final night in beautiful Sedona. So many places to eat, so many new friends to talk to!
We will have a meet and greet Sunday evening at Cansler Portrait Art Studio at approximately 6:00pm
Monday and Tuesday we will have breakfast provided at the studio with a workshop start time at 9:00am.
Other details to follow.
*Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop includes over 14 hours of lectures, round table discussions, role playing, as well as plenty of time for interaction with all instructors and your peers. Each participant will also receive their own workbook containing outlines, how to’s, and room to take notes. After attending the Portrait Sales On Fire! Workshop you will go home with information and inspiration to help you love the sales process.
After registering you will be sent all the info for the resort / Hotels.

bonus items for attendees

You’ll get access to our private alumni Facebook group – Not only does this allow you to interact with all the instructors but with many other colleagues that share your issues, problems, or concerns.  They may have already experienced and resolved something that you need help with. (Value Infinite!!!)

Also included: breakfast Monday and Tuesday.

Have questions?    423-756-2681